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Hi, my name is

Bowofade Oyerinde
Fullstack Engineer

I am an experienced software engineer with a passion for creating custom web and mobile applications. My approach is simple: I build solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for an elegant website, a powerful app, or seamless user experiences, I’ve got you covered

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My Introduction

bowofade oyerinde

As a Full Stack Developer with extensive experience in software design, development, testing, and deployment, I have honed a diverse set of technical skills, including expertise in script and algorithm development. I am also highly proficient in critical thinking and collaboration, with a strong focus on problem-solving and innovation. My attention to detail and commitment to accuracy have consistently proven to be assets in my previous roles and make me a valuable addition to any team


Years experience


Completed projects


Companies worked

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My technical levels and stacks

Frontend development

More than 5year(s)

  • html


  • css


  • tailwindcss


  • javascript


  • Alpinejs


  • vuejs(Nuxtjs)


  • react native


Backend development

More than 4year(s)

  • php(laravel)


  • sql


  • livewire


  • api


  • python


software architect

More than 4year(s)

  • database design


  • use case


  • dataflow


  • aws


  • git(ci/cd)



My Experience over the years



  1. B.Sc. Computer Science

    Univerty of Abuja, Nigeria

    Nov. 2017 - March, 2022

  2. Responsive Web Design Cert.

    FreeCodeCamp, Online

    Jan. 2020 - April, 2021

  3. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

    FreeCodeCamp, Online

    March. 2023 - May, 2023

  1. Lead Developer & Manager Current

    Meeras Software Solution, Asokoro Abuja

    Feb, 2023 - Present

    • I provide direction and guidance to the development team, setting goals, and ensuring that everyone is aligned towards the same vision.
    • Managing the development process, ensuring that projects are delivered on time, and within budget.
    • Reviewing code, identifying potential problems, and ensuring that the development team adheres to best practices
    • I also provide guidance and mentorship to junior developers, helping them to develop their skills and grow within the company
    • Communication with the Director, stakeholders and client
  2. Web Developement Intern

    Bincom Dev Center, Lagos Nigeria

    Sep, 2020 - Oct 2020

    • Attended corporate learning and development programs to gain competencies and professional skills.
    • Collaborated with project managers, testers, end-users, and distributors.
    • Coded websites using HTML, CSS and PHP/MYSQL languages..
  3. Software Engineer

    Al-Ansar Foundation Abuja, Nigeria

    • Designed, implemented and monitored web pages, plugins and functionality for continuous improvement
    • Designed, developed and implemented software applications for website based on analyzed requirements and understanding of industry technical standards.
    • Conducted testing and review of website design for responsiveness, clarity and effectiveness
    • Maintain all subsidiaries and affiliate websites & also perform some task as assigned by seperiors
  4. Fullstack Laravel Developer

    Westpoint Consult ( Subsidiary of Temple Group Ltd.)

    May, 2023 - Present

    • Discuss project scope, gathering of analysis with project manager, software tester and Director.
    • Also get requirements from clients.
    • Code and deploy application based on requirements using various ranges of technology, especially Laravel.
    • Also partake in other tasks and duties given by superiors.
    • Develop an application for Moving Vehicle Administration Agency for managements of student applications and exam screening.


What I can do for You

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

  • bowofade Oyerinde | web application We make design that provides your customers with engaging content and easy navigation
  • bowofade Oyerinde | web application A great design with aesthetics, color, font, icons, images, motion, sound, space graphics etc.

Frontend development

Frontend development

  • bowofade Oyerinde | web application We develop visual elements that users see and interact with in a website
  • bowofade Oyerinde | web application We also integrate third-parties API(s)
  • bowofade Oyerinde | web application WE also build SPA and PWA that load in 0 - 1 secs

Backend development

Backend development

  • bowofade Oyerinde | web application Build backend logic of your application
  • bowofade Oyerinde | web application We build the API(s) that powers your frontend Application to consume
  • bowofade Oyerinde | web application Build Fullstack Web Application using Laravel Framework


Some of my beautiful works





mobile app



Roomstatus - Hotel PMS...
backend mobile app frontend api

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Bowofade Oyerinde
CEO at Bonifade Technologies

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